Binder PRO includes 12+ custom modules that you can use to build your pages. Create as many modules as you want, personalise them and take your pages to the next level.

These are Binder PRO’s custom modules:
Authors Module

Lets you add a list of the collaborators who write on your site, with their bio, social links, and a link to their articles.

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Blog Module

Insert a blog feed everywhere you want. You have 3 amazing layouts to choose: Classic, Teasers and Masonry (with 2 or 3 columns).

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Canvas Module

It’s a free text module. You can use it to write html, text, build layouts with the Page Builder plugin, etc. Be creative!

Carousel Module

Showcase your posts in a cool carousel slider. You can use it full width or not.

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Crelly Slider Module

Binder PRO supports the amazing Crelly Slider free plugin. Use it to create cool layered sliders with animations.

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Featured Post Module

When you want to feature that special post from your blog, with a really good looking design, this is your module.

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Flash News Module

Display the most important titles from your blog in a flash slider.

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Magazine Module

One of the most cool modules in Binder PRO that transforms your site into a solid Magazine.

Explore the layouts

Quote Posts Slider

Display a collection of your quote format posts in a nice slider. Inspire your visitors!

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Slider Module

Impress the visitors with a big and neat slider of your most relevant posts. Choose between different design and caption options.

See the Slider examples

Slogan Module

A nice way to introduce your site to your visitors.

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Tiled Display Module

One of our favorite modules in Binder PRO. Feature the posts you want in a really eye catching way. You have 5 different layouts to choose.

You’ll love it too

Video Posts Slider

Showcase your Video Posts Format in a nice slider.

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Modules Wrapper Module

Lets you group as many modules as you want inside the same big module and place them next to right or left sidebar. A great way to build a magazine layout, a blog with a sidebar or anything you want.